Speedball 2: Evolution

Speedball 2: Evolution 1.3.1

The classic brutal futuristic sport


  • Fast, exciting gameplay
  • Good controls
  • Clear graphics
  • Long career mode


  • No online multiplayer

Very good

Speedball 2: Evolution is an iOS update of the Bitmap Brothers classic from 1991. This is a brutal futuristic handball like sport where anything goes, and points are won from knockouts, not just goals.

Speedball 2: Evolution is a team game, where players face each other off in armor. With the ball players can pass, shoot and attack, while off the ball the same controls allow tackles and catches. Points are won by scoring goals, knocking out opponents, and also by hitting bumpers, stars and ramps on the pitch. This gives the game and element of pinball to it, and means that focusing on goal scoring alone won't be enough.

Graphically Speedball 2: Evolution is smooth, but still feels retro. The sound effects are good, although the ambient noise of the stadium is a little repetitive. You can control the game with a floating joystick or tilt controls. Both are well implemented, and what you prefer is purely down to personal taste.

The career mode of Speedball 2: Evolution offers a relatively deep experience. It's long, and includes training and scouting for players. There are also quick matches and challenges. Two player mode is supported, but only locally, via wifi or bluetooth. Online multiplayer isn't yet available, which is a shame.

Speedball 2: Evolution is a great version of a really fun futuristic sport. Despite the lack of online play, it's a well made and highly recommendable title.

Special St Patrick's Day career team shield Fixed kit clash problems Improved d-pad art


  • Special St Patrick's Day career team shield Fixed kit clash problems Improved d-pad art
Speedball 2: Evolution


Speedball 2: Evolution 1.3.1

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