Speedball 2: Evolution

Speedball 2: Evolution 1.1

The classic Amiga game now on Mac


  • Graphics and sound faithful to the Amiga version
  • Fun addictive gameplay
  • Career mode for single players


  • No online multiplayer

Very good

Speedball 2: Evolution is a remake of the Bitmap Brothers classic futuristic handball game on the Commodore Amiga from 1991.

Speedball 2: Evolution (known as Brutal Deluxe on the Amiga) is a brutal game where anything goes, and points are won from knockouts, not just goals. Each team wears a coat of armor and play within a metallic arena where players can pass, shoot and attack, while off the ball the same controls allow tackles and catches.

Points are won by scoring goals, knocking out opponents, and also by hitting bumpers, stars and ramps on the pitch. This gives the game and element of pinball to it, and means that focusing on goal scoring is never enough. This remake for Mac has attempted to stay faithful to the original and features the classic sounds and ambiance ("Ice Cream! Ice Cream!") from the original.

Speedball 2 Evolution offers a "career mode" which includes training and scouting for players. There are also quick matches and challenges. Online multiplayer isn't yet available.

Speedball 2: Evolution is a great version of the classic Amiga game. Whether you were a big fan or not, its still an additive and unique sports game.

Speedball 2: Evolution


Speedball 2: Evolution 1.1

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